Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a place inside the car show in which to buy food or drinks?

– Yes, there will be plenty of places to buy food and drinks at the show. You can exit the show to visit other restaurants in town if, before leaving the show, you obtain a hand stamp for re-entry on the same day.

Are you allowed to bring bottled water or snacks into the show?

– Yes, that is permitted.

Are you allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at the show?

– The Rotary Easter Car Show is held near the local High School, so it is a drug and alcohol free zone.

Are you allowed to bring a canopy to set up near my vehicle?

– Yes & No, we are very limited on space and usually fill up every spot that is available. We ask that you are courteous to other participants and allow a canopy if there is room in your allotted space or over your vehicle. Please be mindful that the wind sometimes picks up quickly in our town and you are liable for any damage that you canopy may cause to other participants or property.

What is the Easter Car Show?

– The Easter Car Show has become the place to renew friendships each spring and share new ideas and styles for customizing and restoring our vehicles. Over the years, many families have made the Car Show a place to gather–whether entering a car or just enjoying the sights. Each year we also have many people join us for their first Hurricane Show, and Easter weekend has come to be the place to premiere a newly built rod or a bright, fresh paint job.

– With the show being centrally located in southwestern Utah, we bring together a unique blend of people and cars from Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and New Mexico. The show features more than 300 interesting entries, with new ideas from different areas.

– The show is held at the Hurricane City Community Center (100 S 100 W). Our parking aisles are flagged for your vehicles’ protection, and there is plenty of room to set out the lawn chairs and have fun in the sun.

When is the Easter Car Show?

– April 3rd is registration and the Rod Run. April 4th is the actual “show”.

Where is the Easter Car Show?

– Hurricane Utah. Hurricane is located 20 miles East of St. Hurricane is located 20 miles East of St. George. Take exit 16 heading north on I-15 or exit 27 going south.

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How many people are expected to attend the Easter Car Show?

– Between 8,000 – 10,000

How do I become a vendor?

– Visit our vendor page and Fill out our vendor application.

How do I become an exhibitor?

– Visit our vendor page and Fill out our vehicle entry application.