Thanks again for registering to participate in the 2012 Easter Car Show.  Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you:

I’ve filled out my registration form and sent in my check, now what?

You can come Friday and pick up your registration and goody bag between 8:00am-6:00 pm at the Hurricane Community Center (100 W State).  Or you may choose to come the Saturday morning of the show.  Once directed to your vehicle’s spot make your way to the registration room and pick up your goodie bag and entry form.

Do I receive a confirmation of any type for my pre-registration?

We do not currently have any confirmation that we send out.  We do not publish your information on our website to protect your identity and information.  If you do choose to register on-line you will receive an email confirmation.  If you come to the show and we do not have your pre-registration we will work to get you into the show.  We are laid back country folk and will usually take your word for it.

When and where do I show up to drive into the show?

There will be signs and volunteers directing you to the entry point.  You may view the layout map below to get a better idea of where to go (click on it):

Can I keep my vehicle overnight on Friday?

We do have security hired for the entire night and the car show area is fenced off.  You may come Friday and leave your car for the Saturday show.

Do I have to participate in the Friday night Rod Run?

The Rod run is a great chance to get to know fellow rodders and cruise around the Hurricane area and participation is voluntary.

I have a vehicle, can I enter it into your show?

Yes, you can register online, by mail, or the day of the show in person (price goes up though).

Where do I park my non-entered vehicles?

Parking always seems to be a problem at the event but there is plenty of parking on 100 W.

I pre-registered for merchandise where and when do I pick that up?

You may pick up your pre-paid merchandise at the registration area either Friday or Saturday

Is there a spot where I can park my RV and Trailer?

Yes there is, but I’m not sure where…

Can I have a EZ-up tent, canopy, for sale sign, etc.?

We do not have a policy against these items however they are your responsibility and you are responsible for any damage that may occur.

 Is there a local phone number to reach someone in the Rotary Club?

The Rotarians are all volunteers and we are still finding someone willing to donate their cell phone number for this purpose… During the Show you will find a Rotarian by looking for their signature pit crew shirts.  Before the show please use the contact form below or call the 800 number and leave a message.

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